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With the advent of technology, large-scale business organizations have relied on advanced surveillance mechanisms to monitor business operations. However, it is a time-consuming process as each procedure is executed manually and at times results are inaccurate.

Wobot presents the latest model based on AI for better surveillance

Wobot has introduced AI-based models for reducing the non-compliance risks of an organization. The software after getting installed in the existing CCTV camera can increase its surveillance capability to a great extent. The CCTV camera equipped with AI-based compliance can easily rectify all issues concerning surveillance, such as crowd analysis, safety risks monitoring, maintaining SOPs of a workplace, and many more. We have designed it considering the surveillance requirement in different industries including retail, manufacturing, hospitality sector, etc.

Major benefits of Wobot AI video analytics

The AI-based compliances offered by Wobot are acknowledged for their excellent surveillance capability and easy setup. Have a look at some of the major enhancements in surveillance systems equipped with Wobot’s AI-based software.

  • Follow safety, cleanliness, and hygiene compliance.
  • Reduce the monitoring cost.
  • Monitor and Maintain SOPs of your workplace.
  • Monitor the time of interaction between customer and employee.
  • Features and benefits to assist retailers being incorporated in the model amidst the pandemic.

Install Wobot’s AI-based software in your CCTV camera and enhance the surveillance system of your organization.

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