Tips you Need to know before buying the digital piano

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In digital keyboards, pedals can be connected and used that perform a similar function, commonly called sustain precisely because it supports the extension of the note played. In some cases these pedals are included with the keyboard, while in other models there is only the input for connection. In the basic models, however, this possibility may be missing entirely.


Neighbors permitting, playing your keyboard at high volume is a pleasure.

Keep in mind that, as a rule, the built-in amplifiers do not have enough power to allow you to play live together with other instruments: a drum or an amplified bass would completely cover the notes played with our keyboard. If this is what interests you, you will have to connect your keyboard to an external amplifier, but this aspect will be considered in more detail in the next section.

Useful accessories:

Having a keyboard is not enough. In order to play we will need some really essential accessories. The first is the music stand with which we will be able to read the melodies and interpret them: this element can be incorporated into the keyboard or we could find a space for its assembly.

In any case, the score holder is an accessory that we cannot do without, regardless of our level of knowledge of the instrument, which is why we must evaluate its possible presence.

A support to raise the keyboard is equally important and in some rare cases we will find it directly supplied with the keyboard.

The seat is not an essential element like the previous two, but it can certainly help to maintain a correct position during musical sessions. We will hardly find it supplied with the keyboard: it is up to us to use any chair or buy an ad hoc seat, padded and with adjustable height.

Connectivity and power:

In this last section of our guide to buying musical keyboards, we move on to two rather relevant elements in this type of instrument: we are referring to connectivity and the keyboard power supply system. Let’s take a closer look at these two aspects.

Inputs and outputs: keyboard connectivity:

Judging this aspect may seem simple at first glance. However, it is very important to carefully consider connectivity before launching into the purchase of a musical keyboard. If you plan to use the musical keyboard together with a computer, for example, you will have to carefully sift through the inputs or outputs available on the keyboard, so as not to have to face further purchases later.

Let’s proceed in order and see which are those outputs through which we can amplify the sound of the keyboard or connect it to headphones.

Audio jack:

On an electronic keyboard we can find two types of jack cable outputs, with distinct functions and dimensions.
We mentioned earlier about the possibility of amplifying the sound output from your keyboard, if the speakers do not have enough power to allow us to play in large rooms or together with other instruments. In these cases we will have to be careful to have a 6.35 mm jack output. Through this port we can connect the keyboard to an amplifier to reach a higher volume of the output sound and play where and when we prefer.

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