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The Government e-Marketplace (GeM), is a business-friendly platform, which facilitates smart online procurement of Services & goods needed by the Government Departments, Organizations and PSUs. Very significantly, upon the GeM registration process, the dealers, manufacturers and service providers have to list their services & products on their GeM login. This procedure is call GeM Product listing . It’s only when the product listing is approve by the GeM Authority which the GeM products of the seller will go live on the portal of Government e-Marketplace. Merchants who have the GeM seller registration can then easily sell their products.

 Process of product listing on Government e-Marketplace

Product listing on the Government e-Marketplace comprises several steps. Only after effective approval, any service or product gets available on the GeM portal for sale.

Such steps may vary based on the kind of GeM seller. Here are 5 simple steps for listing products on GeM.

1) Basic Information of GeM Products

The traders having GeM registration as seller require to mention the General specifications of product provided below:

  • Category of the Product & their sub-category
  • Name of the product
  • Product Description
  • Brand of product
  • Product Model
  • HSN Code
  • SKU id

2) Quantity of the product available

Sellers need quoting available stock on hand of the product. This will assist the government buyers to place the order of the products only to the extent of stock available.

3) Price of the product

The sellers having GeM registration have to quote the cost of their product. Below are different types of the price which are require to be quoted:

  • MRP
  • Offer Price (incl. of all taxes) of the GeM products

It is significant to note that the Offer-Price should be 10% less than MRP.

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4) Specific details of Products

Now the sellers on Government e-Marketplace have to offer complete essential technical information of the product as regards its:

  • Size,
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Dimensions
  • Quality
  • Color and
  • Usage

Besides any other aspect which is relevant to that product.

5) Images of Product

Very importantly, the sellers have to upload very clear photos of the product. The product image should provide a clear view of the product. This will help the government buyers to find the product.

This is the very necessary stage and the traders who have the GeM registration as a seller have to take some precautions when they upload images of their products on Government e-Marketplace.

Know more about GeM product listing.

Few Precautions while uploading product images:

Provided below are some tips to upload images on GeM login:

  • Upload only the authentic image of the product. It must have clean white background and no watermark, brand logo, or any type of identification.
  • Maximum Image size: 300KB
  • Acceptable file format: jpg or png
  • 3 images are require, center-aligne. They should show the product clearly from 3 different angles.
  • Product image should fulfil the technical criteria.
  • No Product description, certification are allow.
  • Partial product image, diagrams or sketches are not allow.
  • Edited image using several tools, are not allow.
  • Only single product image are allowed.
  • Images of product packaging, carton or outer package are not allowed.
  • Name of your company over the Product image is not allowed.

These are the few tips for GeM Product listing or to upload product image on GeM portal.

If you require any sort of help regarding GeM registration, feel free to contact our legal advisors at 8273625000.

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