How to Start with Piano?

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Playing the piano, how to start? Preparations

1. The choice of the instrument:

Music lessons are not enough to learn to play the piano, it is essential to have an instrument at home and practice a little every day. The first thing to do is therefore to choose and get a piano. If space (and pockets) allow, choosing an acoustic piano is certainly the best.

An upright piano is an instrument that vibrates under our fingers, starting to play on a real instrument is a real thrill. Upright pianos are not excessively expensive instruments, there is also a very interesting second-hand market. To buy a used tool, however, you need expert advice, as old tools can need very expensive repairs, the cost of which exceeds the value of the tool. Some musical instrument shops offer pianos for hire, this is also an option to consider.

If you can’t buy or rent an acoustic piano, you can make do with an electronic keyboard. In this case, it is essential that the instrument has a weighted keyboard. The weighted keyboard imitates the hardness of the keys of a real piano, and this is essential to practice the hand in the right way from the beginning. In fact, if you practice on a keyboard that is too soft, for example those that are fitted with all synthesizers or electronic keyboards, you will not develop your fingers correctly.

2. The choice of the teacher:

Learning to play the piano on your own is not impossible, however it is much more difficult. If you do not get help from a music teacher, it is very likely that you will not be able to make progress and therefore quit after a few months, perhaps thinking that you are not suited to music, while it may not be the case at all.

I therefore recommend that you choose a teacher and attend him, at least for the first months or the first year. A music teacher will be able to guide you along an orderly and gradual path, to face the difficulties one at a time and improve slowly. Seeing as the title of this article is Piano Getting Started, here are some tips for choosing the right teacher for you.

before enrolling in a music school, get to know the teacher you are going to teach with. Have a chat and try to figure out if he seems like the right person for you. You cannot and should not judge the teacher’s competence so much, if you haven’t started yet, you don’t have the tools to do it. Rather, consider whether it is someone you like and who stimulates you.

Consider your commitments and your schedules well. If you are unable to meet a weekly commitment, do not commit to a school but choose a private teacher, who can have more flexible hours.

Don’t trust schools that offer group piano lessons, even if they are very cheap: individual lessons are required to start playing the piano. If you can’t afford one lesson a week, fall back on fortnightly lessons. But the piano lesson must be individual.

If you don’t have time to go to a music school in person, consider  online piano lessons. If you can’t find a teacher near you to attend a teacher in person, online lessons can be an alternative.

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