Do we buy a used instrument?

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Do we buy a used instrument?

We cannot buy a used instrument in any form; neither by offsetting, nor by cash receipt, or by commission sale. Used musical instruments and other equipment are still found in our store and on our website.

What is tilt sensitivity or a dynamic keyboard?

Both mean the same thing, that is, the instrument sounds as loud as we hit the key. Dynamics is one of the most important expressive tools in music.

What is the difference between hammer mechanics and synthesizer mechanics?

In the case of synthesizer mechanics, springs work under the keys, and these springs provide resistance to the keys or keep them in the home position. Spring tilting is always easier than hammer mechanics, so it is not recommended for piano learning. The correct tilting technique cannot be developed on these. Of course, this does not mean that the synthesizer mechanics are bad, but simply for something else. For example, it is more gentle on the musician’s hand than 8 hours of continuous music. Of course, a band may need string tones, organ tones, and other solo tones that do not require hammer mechanics. In the case of hammer mechanics, the work is not done by springs, but the keys are weighted as in the case of pianos, only the hammers do not strike a string, but there are sensors under the keys, and thus sound is created. So the hammer mechanics are meant to give back the feeling of tilting the acoustic piano. This is why it is important in piano learning in the classical sense. Of course, we can talk about several types and qualities of mechanics here as well, it is usually brand and price dependent.

What is MIDI?

MIDI is a standard born in 1980 (Musical Instrument Digital Interface), which enables the connection, unified operation, synchronization and control of two or more electronic keyboard instruments, sound modules and other related devices and computers. In the case of a MIDI connection, we do not transfer the sounds between the devices, but only the so-called “Game messages” such as: which sound I hit, when, with what intensity, whether I pedaled in the meantime, etc. my octave synthesizer with a beautiful piano sound, then I connect the two and play the hammer mechanics while the top quality synth sound is heard. That is, I control the synthesizer brain with the hammer mechanism. The last few years have seen the proliferation of USB MIDI connections, which have the advantage of faster data transfer speeds, but the disadvantage of not being able to establish a connection between an instrument and an instrument in this way. In this way, we can only connect our instrument to a computer. Therefore, both USB and DIN connection options are built into more serious instruments.

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