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There are a lot of ceremonial occasions done when we need a customized sash printing for men, kids, and women. Occasionally farewell ceremony may be organized in the educational institution college, corporates, sports, beauty competition and kinds of music, etc.

  • Distribution of award,
  • Beauty context
  • Bachelor party
  • The announcement of the result
  • Graduation sash
  • Baby shower ceremony
  • To be a mom
  • The marriage ceremony
  • Farewell party,
  • Sports competition, etc.

Call for customized sash printing for kids and adults

  1. For customized sash printing is made on mostly Satin, and Polyester Fabric materials. You can choose cotton, velvet, and other stuff also.
  2. It is worn from the hip to the opposite shoulder and back downside to the hip up. It is the time to get the result of years on years of hard work and patience, always keen to see with dressing it.
  3. There is a lot of occasions to gift your loved one even formal or informal, A customized gift gives more weight, love, and affection to the receiver.
  4. Most of all sash is made of Ribbon and Exclusive sashes are made with selective fabric such as velvet choice fabric etc.

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Customized Sash Design

  1. Usually, it is seen from a long distance it may be the stage or ramp, and some time like a birthday party, baby shower to be closed.
  2. When it comes to making an engaging Design, you may put a design with a stylish font face and the bigger size possible, choosing 30 characters is a good practice. Before print should have a mock-up sash.
  3. Content printing longer up to 16-18″ ideal size for making an adult and 10″ for the kids most prefer a glittering letter for birthday sashes
  4. Mostly, the people get the text print of the event name and winner’s name or who own sash, etc.
  5. Overall a Sash is made of Satin or Polyester Cloth that looks shiny and Eye-Catching and it is standard size come 80″long for the adult and kids size as well as 55″ long and 5-6 ” wide to best fit, having a thickness of fabric 230-240 gsm. The entire weight does not access more than 50 gms each. its size can be customized according to who deserves it.
  6. Due to the silky fabric, first of all, you need to stitch well then print it for better alignment.

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Top Most Fabric Color used in Sash Printing

White | Pink | Royal Blue | Red | Golden | Silver colours are most used in sash printing.

  • Short Term Sash Printing; Like a birthday, the first runner up are made for short term sash choosing polyester or satin
  • Exclusive Sash Printing, Most memorable sashes are made on velvet and cotton, easy to wash and multi times use. Branding cost goes higher like embroidery and beading applications.
  • Sash For wedding even most choice pink and gold colour using weads.

Tailor-Made Sashes

No need to pinup at the bottom end portion as it is stitched well with all the edges to best fit. Shivani Enterprises do print and customized individuals. It may be taller and small candidates in height. It needed a little bit more time to perfect fit.

Here I am going to dive into the types of fabric is used for, and printing quality the best quality fit for your project.

Types of sashes

  • Birthday | Mom to be | Bride to be |Farewell Party| Baby Shower | Sport Competition | Beauty Competition |

Branding Method on Sash: There are several ways you can make your branding on it

Sash Printing
Sash Printing
  1. Embroidery: If you want an amazing sash you may get it with this option. The process is lengthy but the best option for a memorable over the years. Cotton fabric is the best suit for this application.
  2. Sublimation: When you are in a hurry and need a coloured text print this is the best way you can go for. You can get it the same-day delivery. In this method easy to print complex designs.
  3. Vinyl cut and heat press: if you are willing to see the glittering text as well as gold or silver you may have the option to cut letter and heat transfer on to the sash. It is a fast process you can choose any quality of fabric cotton, polyester, craft whatever for this application. In this process, a letter is cut and transferred to the fabric.

Glittering letter kids like most as well as kids competition in magic and dance etc.

Mostly, it is asked which one branding option is the best? my answer is that it depends on your budget and the time you have.

Therefore, the sublimation printing sash is the best as it does not take enough time, but you need to choose polyester and light color fabric.

Embroidery takes more time and multi-color, gradient color, and complex design cannot get printed on it.

If I share the printing cost per pcs it comes around Rs. 300-350/- Depending on the quality of fabric and printing you need.

Sash Printer in Delhi

Most of all sash printer used a ready-to-bear sash where Shivani Enterprises fully customized length and width to best fit your project.

Turnaround of making a sash

It depends on the complexity of the sashes and printing application usually it gets ready within 2-3 Days. Place your order on time and save your urgent making fees.

When it comes to done embroidery on sash it takes a time period of 4-5 Days.

Sash Printing and Making Process step by step

  1. Choose the right fabric point of view content to be written on the fabric.
  2. Get fabricate the size you required for a child or adult best fit.
  3. Stitch it well in double fold edges

A myth of who own sash

Usually, a sash was worn a royal family, after a long period of time used to start to wear the army men but today it is widely worn by student completion of graduation course, winner, runner up, Mr., Ms., and Mrs. participants, etc

Cheap sash vs customized sash printing?

Cheap sash printing is a readymade sash used made of polyester or polyester-cotton fabric, only content is customized according to the readymade size, Usually, it’s a single layer of fabric used in and less wide as well as 3″ you can’t keep your content wider for better visibility.

Wider size sashes get noticed messages more visible.

Customized sash printing, here is a full option to get customized even choosing fabric qualityColor, Tailor Made Size, Different Style of Stitching required size,

How does it take time to make a sash printing?

Can I get print direct silver or golden print on the sash? 

Silver and Golden colours directly can’t print on sublimation, you want to wish for a golden and silver letter shining effect, you need to choose option cut golden and silver vinyl sheet and heat press option. You need to prepare illustrated artwork or text only.

Usually, from design mockup stitching to printing it takes 2-3 days.

Sash Pricing Overview: The overall price comes to Rs. 400-450 each, it may depend on the quality you optimized point of view branding types and fabric you choose.

Sublimation printing is the best way to get print instantly.

To place an online order click here and for any query, you may call 9213123897, 01146091624. we have never missed a dedicated event so place your order and relax to get delivered on time.

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