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Your modular kitchen now it’s a very dicey question how do they got a budget of a certain part of your house mind you’re constructing considering that it is the health center of the house and the most amount of labour activities. The house happens in this area it requires considerable amount of attention that it should be given also to make sure that the person who’s doing all the prepping and the cooking for the entire house and is making the meal for the entire family throughout the day we require that the structure of the kitchen is of a highly beautiful. As well as the quality of hardware is pretty high and the appliances are also applicable this will ensure that the kitchen. last you a lifetime as well as it provides an ease of book to anybody who’s working in the kitchen this is an essential part because of the high amount of activity that happens in this area there is no leader flow in your kitchen design otherwise the overall activity may increase quite a bit.

we need to make sure that your storage and your water and your cooking are well aligned together one should think of spending approximately 50% of their automobiles value on a kitchen at least it’s a good reference point because a person is spending three to four hours in the kitchen and a person is driving also. I believe three to four hours on an average everyday some may be high some may be less and keeping that into the mind frame. one can actually figure out that the kitchen should is worth spending good painting on it is probably gonna last you much more than your car and it actually has a lot more activity going on. so how do you bifurcate the budget so once you’ve decided let’s say you sell it for to lack of clean of a budget for a modular kitchen. so now when you keep on bifurcating it you end up with three to four components which is basically the box the hardware the finishes and appliances the box is the basic structure. it needs to be of highly durable material we gently suggest what a full plywood or good quality plywood and it needs to have a waterproof material on the back of it which touches the one this kind of a structure ensures that your modular kitchen has a good life preferably around the life of eight to ten years now make sure that any hardware that goes onto.

It intact and pretty functionable for a long period of time because plywood has a great shoe building capacity for making sure that all the hardware’s work well one should make sure that the sink area is definitely of a waterproof material maybe even aluminum box or aluminum line materials that is what use generally and that ensures that any kind of water trouble stays away this structure. might cost you around 70 to 80 thousand might even go up two lakh depending upon your design next we generally go to which hardware that is the area. which is very essential which makes sure that is ease of work for anybody who’s working in the kitchen it makes sure that the heavy items have the right hardware. so that can be easily pulled out without a lot of force we have lot of effort as well as corner storages which are very hard to access and gently dead storages are utilized well and when one is cooking a lot of the spices and small appliances are also stored in a way which are handy and easy to access rather than getting them from a drawer. below or a cabinet above mark investment to make sure that you have created where in a good design kitchen it’s going to save you a lot of effort a lot of time and maybe you will provide you with a better health. so they are going to discuss is the outer finish which is the shutters of a modular vision we have variety of finishes and one can choose from the style and taste perspective on this the outer finishes generally do not provide a lot of different kinds of ease. so they are more over there for an aesthetic factor one can choose some of their designs and handles in a way so that it is more easier to clean and will be more comfortable to them to access the shutters and the storage behind it better are going to discuss is the appliances in each room is lit in a very smart way and one should understand what are the various advantages and disadvantages of small aspects of these appliances there is why it is better that you go to a designer for most of these queries and they actually make sure that they understand your needs your preferences of how you use and utilize your kitchen on a daily basis and they provide you with a decent solution for the sink sizes for the suction. capacity of your chimney and for the power of your homes all in all say if your buyer is of – laughs you should be spending approximately 80,000 on your boxes 30,000 on your hardware and 30,000 again on shuttles and outer finishes and the rest is approximately 25 to 30 thousand more should we spend upon appliances one can pick and choose a bit here and there and these cost varies from design to design kind of finishes that one might and some people might want to have a higher end out of finish while some would actually prefer to have at a hardware and more number of hardware’s and that is not the reason why one should consider .

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